The Amazon Logo

Founded in 1994, Amazon was once nothing but a tiny online bookstore. Today however it is multi-billion dollar company that sells thousands of products all over the world. From sports equipment to DVDs and even streaming movies, Amazon has become a company to be reckoned with. Amazon has grown incredibly powerful and is sure to […]

The Starbucks Logo

Founded a tiny little shop in Seattle during the 1970’s, Starbucks has grown to become the largest coffeehouse company in the world. People from the United States all the way to mainland China are able to instantly recognize the distinctive green logo of the Starbucks Company. Starbucks used to only sell high-quality coffee beans and […]

The Lego Logo

The popular children’s toys Legos have a rich and storied history. These once-wooden blocks were made in the workshop of toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. In 1934, his company was renamed Lego from the Danish phrase leg godt, which literally means “play well.” Since then, this once-tiny company has expanded at incredible pace, making […]

The Apple Logo

The Apple Company is one of the best success stories in the world. Started in a garage, Apple has gone on to become a household name throughout the world. Not only are they the creators of some of the most sought-after computers in the world, but they also manufacture the popular iPhone and iPad. Apple […]

McDonalds Logo

The Golden Arches It would be difficult to find a person in the entire free world that doesn’t recognize the golden M of the McDonalds Company. Founded in 1940 as yet another drive-through restaurant, McDonalds has come to dominate the world of fast food. Their distinctive yellow arches can be seen throughout the world and […]

The AT&T Logo

AT&T was actually founded by the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell himself, in 1876. Over time this company has become a house-hold name with thousands of locations and millions of workers throughout the global market. While AT&T has stayed true to their original focus of telephones they have also branched out into other […]

The Adidas Logo

Adidas started out as a small independent sportswear company in Germany. Today though, they are known all throughout the world with a presence in almost every global market. Adidas manufactures many different types of equipment and apparel including tennis rackets, referee uniforms, and even soccer balls. Adidas is also a major manufacturer of running shoes. […]

The Boeing Logo

The Boeing logo is easily one of the most noticeable logos in the world. You can hardly mention airplanes without thinking about it. The logo – blue in colour – combines a logotype and a stratotype typeface in a simple but sophisticated manner. That the logo still maintains the name of its founder, speaks volumes […]

Pepsi Logo

The logo of the Pepsi-Cola company is one that is known in households throughout the world. Its distinctive red, white and blue colors can be found in nearly every gas station, grocery store and restaurant out there. The logo, however, has gone through many changes over the years. This article will explain where it started […]

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