Best and Worst Corporate Logos: Examples of Creative Designs and the Key to a Successful Logo

The greatest corporate logo samples What can we learn from these logos? Examples of cool company logos Examples of poorly designed logos How logos should not be designed Along with a list of the best corporate logos, we’ve collected not-so-good samples of corporate designs. Why are these logos considered bad and what lessons can you […]

50+ Free Company Name logo ideas

The most common type of logo, accounting for up to 70 percent of all created logos, is the one with a company name on it. Looking at such a logo, customers can see both the symbol and name of your brand. To create a balanced combination of image and text, you may need the help […]

The NBC Logo

Throughout all of the logos that we’ve covered, we’ve seen many cases where the logos evolved from their originals into the ones that we recognize today. Some companies don’t find the logo their looking for on the first few tries, though. Sometimes, the logos look very different from each other throughout the years. This is […]

The BP Logo

BP is one of the largest oil companies in the world, and it is also one of the most recognized. One of the reasons that BP is so well-known is the fact that it has powerful branding. Part of this effort is a strong logo that is easy to recognize. Most people are familiar with […]

JCPenney Logo

JCPenney is one of the largest retail empires in the United States. The company has been known throughout its history for many great innovations, and it is one of the few “department store” formats strong enough to survive to the modern day. JCPenney is still a household name for a reason. The company has always […]

Designing a Logo: Understanding the Basics

A logo is the visual representation of a company, group, organization, or entity. It is usually the first thing that people encounter so it is important that your logo makes a great first impression, helping you establish the kind of brand identity you want. Since a logo is very important, you have to spend ample […]

The Kool-Aid Logo

Most parents and most people who were ever children know about Kool-Aid. For the unfamiliar, Kool-Aid is a flavored packet that produces an intensely-flavored drink when mixed with water and sugar. While some adults may have trouble handling the sweetness overload, it is still one of the most popular drinks among kids. Add its appealing […]

The HBO Logo

HBO was one of the first premium cable channels, and it is still one of the most recognized in the world. HBO worked very hard to create a strong brand, and they have achieved it through both the strength of their programming, and the power of their branding. The HBO branding is evident in the […]

The Doritos Logo

Doritos are some of the most popular snacks in the world right now. Based off the Mexican tortilla chip, the Dorito is made from corn and has a signature crunch that is not matched by most other types of chips on the market. Doritos started with only one flavor, but has since expanded into dozens […]

The YMCA Logo

The YMCA is a popular brand both in the US and around the world. In the US, the YMCA represents what it always did: A gym and activity center for families who wanted active things for their kids to do. It was also a center and a safe place for young males who didn’t have […]

The Pampers Logo

Almost every parent can recognize the Pampers logo. Pampers has been one of the biggest manufacturers of diapers since the 1960’s, and the company isn’t showing any weakness these days. It’s still one of the most trusted names among parents who want clean and reliable diapers. The company has certainly expanded since then though. Today, […]

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