How to get your logo in AI format for Adobe Illustrator?

If you’ve created a logo with Logaster, you might want to download it in AI file format.

For two main reasons: to modify the logo in Adobe Illustrator after downloading it from our site, or to print a logo on branded products. Printing will most often require the file format of AI.

Keep in mind that Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. Therefore, it is essential to save the file as AI, which is a vector format, after working in Illustrator and this will make it compatible with another vector format – PDF.

Step by step instructions on how to get your logo in AI file format

The steps are very simple. First, you need to download the logo in PDF format from your Logaster account.

Vector files (including PDF) are available in the S package. If you have an XS package, then you can upgrade it to S, here’s more information on how to do that in our article.

First, log in to your Logaster account.

Choose the brand you need and go to the logo page.

Download the logo in PDF format.

After that, there are two options for converting your logo file from PDF to AI: using Adobe Illustrator directly or using an online format converter.

Adobe Illustrator

Open Illustrator. Go to “File > Open” to upload the logo in PDF.

After that, go to “File > Save As” and select save as AI format to save the logo on your computer.

Online file format converter

You can also use the online file format converter . To do this, you need to upload your logo file to this website.

Choose AI as the format to convert and click the convert button.

After that, simply download the file to your computer and open Adobe Illustrator for further edit or send it to print shops for printing.

If you need a business card in AI format as well, the steps are similar, the only difference is that you will have to convert two files which are the front and back side of your business card.

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