10 Logo Design Trends of 2020: Forecast by Logaster

The year 2019 is slowly coming to an end. December is the best time to speculate on what direction the logo design industry will be taking in 2020. In this article, the Logaster team offers its overview of the most probable logo design trends accompanied with beautiful examples.

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Simplification is, hands down, one of the strongest trends of the recent years. It shows no signs of giving up its position. Minimalist design renders a logo easily recognizable and memorable, which is the key to a successful branding. This is why many young companies have no doubts about choosing simplification over other artistic techniques. As for established brands, they’re stripping their logos of excessive details, only leaving the essentials. By doing so, they’re adding even more weight to the tendency. 

Original geometry

Get ready for more engaging geometry. In 2020, this trend will go beyond the conventional boundaries. Instead of boring squares and triangles, designers will be using geometry for crafting exquisite mosaic patterns. If you’ve heard about the low poly style, you know what to expect! Plus, the smooth curves of ovals and circles will go back in fashion, giving logos a more subtle look.

Unusual fonts

Don’t worry! Despite the rise of the geometry trend, logotypes are not going anywhere. In 2020, text logos will rely on unconventional typography to make them unique and fresh to the eye. While working on new impressive fonts, designers won’t brush away the potential of some time-tested typography solutions. By changing a thing or two, you can give a new life to a familiar font.


Thinking that gradients have exhausted their creative power is a strong misconception. If you like gradients, you’ll be glad to know that they pair extremely well with many other trends predicted for 2020. In the upcoming year, the rich palette of neon colors will be used add life and expression to minimalist designs. However, over the next couple of years, the popularity of gradients is expected to fade away, so use them while you can!

Cluttered design

This technique has a touch of riot about it. Why? Because it goes against the omnipotent simplification trend! Anyway, cluttered design has its undeniable strengths. A sophisticated logo is sure to draw attention because it’s subconsciously perceived as uncomfortable and “wrong”. Also, if arranged wisely, multiple elements add the feeling of consistency and reliability to a logo (and therefore a brand). If this is the effect you’re looking for, dare to break the boundaries and stuff your logo with geometry.  

Chaotic arrangement

Let’s continue talking about original and bold approaches to logo design.  Breaking all the conventional rules, an asymmetrical emblem has the almost salvage power to express a wide range of meanings and emotions. If you take the time to browse through successful examples of visually disordered designs, you’ll be surprised to find out that chaos and harmony go hand in hand.

Geometric letters

Let’s start with a confession: a logotype comprised of geometric letters is intriguing to look at, making you want to study it for hours! At the forefront of the logo design industry, this trend has so much to offer. By the way, geometric letters pair extremely well with gradients. If you combine these two tendencies in your design, you’ll end up with a masterpiece that will enhance your brand identity big time!


Here is another long-time trend to look out for in 2020. Classic emblems are known for their intricate details and exquisite decor. However, under the influence of minimalism, emblems have borrowed some of its traits to become more concise. As a result, we have a good example of fusion between simplicity and sophistication.


This trend emerged from highlighted elements that made waves in 2019. However, in the upcoming year, instead of emphasizing individual details, designers will be scaling the entire composition. If you have a text-only logo, be sure to explore the possibilities of this powerful technique by combining it with a custom font.

Text destruction

If you appreciated the lost fragments trend, you’re sure to take a liking to its successor with the speaking name of “text destruction.” This technique creates the feeling of incompleteness, urging you to use your imagination to finish the image. Fading lines and bleak colors make you think of a printer running out of ink. When using this method, it’s easy to get carried away and render the design unreadable, so consider yourself warned!

While it’s not a complete list of trendy logo design techniques, we’ve tried to cover the most noteworthy ones. We hope this information will help you come up with a chic and modern logo! 

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