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Top 10 Logo Design Trends 2018

  1. Simplicity
  2. Clean shapes and text
  3. Letter stacking
  4. Slices
  5. Negative space
  6. Text experimentation
  7. Gradients
  8. Overlaps
  9. Stamps and coats of arms
  10. Lettering

You’ve already had the chance (and, hopefully, the pleasure) of seeing the top logos of 2017 as selected by the Logaster team.

On the threshold of 2018, it’s time to create a new list of hot logo trends that will guide graphic designers throughout the coming year.


No doubt, this long-term trend will hold its position in 2018. It’s the perfect example of deep meaning achieved using minimum details. The minimalist approach resurfaces in other trends as well, urging designers to use clean forms, take it easy with colors, and eliminate irrelevant elements which are not crucial to the overall composition.

The simplicity trend is the answer to the challenge of the modern high-tech world. With the growing importance of cross-platform compatibility, a logo must look equally good across a variety of backgrounds, from business cards and mobile apps to ad banners and websites. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this trend currently owns the logo design industry, with many successful businesses stripping down their logos to the basics. Needless to say, it’s working!

Clean shapes and text

With simplicity at its core, this approach can be seen as a little brother to the minimalist trend. It’s a pleasure to see how clean shapes (points, lines, curves, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc.) come together with letters, creating a concise yet powerful visual masterpiece.

The resulting emblem combines the best of two worlds: the straightforwardness of a logotype and the intuitive symbolism of geometric forms.


Letter stacking

Gaining prominence in 2016, the letter stacking trend has been around for a while and seems to be gaining ground. There is hardly a better solution for lengthy names and phrases. Letters (or entire words) are placed in a column and then adjusted to the left or spread chaotically. When paired with balanced colors and forms, stacked text looks edgy and visually appealing. Prepare to see how logo designers explore the deep-rooted potential of this trend in 2018.


This is another trend that got a second look in 2017 and whose popularity will continue into 2018. The peculiar visual effect is achieved through the use of white parallel lines crossing the icon and its elements.

This simple technique is so powerful because it gives a light, airy feel to the emblem. Some designers even use slices to create a striking 3D effect or optical illusion, taking advantage of the negative space as well.

Negative space

By now, I bet you’ve seen negative space on multiple logos. Despite being under the radar for some time, this approach has enough potential to amaze us all. In 2018, the focus will shift from shapes to text. Letters provide a vast playground for experimentation, serving as a hiding place for meaningful symbols. Prepare to look closely!

Text experimentation

If you’re not a fan of hidden images in text, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to distinguish your visual branding from the competition in 2018. Try unconventional fonts, interchange letters, or play around with the font size, indentation, and kerning. Originating in 2017, the text experimentation trend is sure to stick around for at least another year. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination fly free in 2018!


If you think that the gradients party is over, you might want to update your knowledge. The trend experienced plenty of original and memorable implementations throughout 2016 and 2017 and has enough momentum to make it into 2018. If you’re looking to add more color to your icon or text, you can’t go wrong with gradients. By pairing gradients with a bulky, massive font, you can create an eye-catching visual that will be impossible to overlook.


Made popular due to MasterCard‘s logo overhaul, the overlapping technique is, like all great things, simple. Two (or more) shapes of different colors overlap, resulting in a brand-new, vibrant hue. If you know how to balance forms and shades, you can craft a striking emblem that is sure to catch your clients’ attention.

Stamps and coats of arms

The year 2017 saw a rising interest in emblems stylized to imitate stamps, coats of arms, and similar compositions, in which the elements are placed inside a circle or semicircle. For such logos, dates are not an uncommon attribute.

This technique reflects the feelings of old times, traditions, and inheritance. If you think retro vibes will resonate with your target audience, you should go for a stamp-like emblem!


“Saying more with less” just may become the logo design industry’s motto in 2018. There are always exceptions, though, and lettering is one of them. Feeling confident among the top 10 trends, lettering will continue dominating the signboards of barbershops, coffee houses, photo studios, and similar businesses.

Alas, this article is too short to contain all the trends that may shape the upcoming year. I hope you enjoyed exploring my list of trends as much as I enjoyed creating it! Looking for more inspiration? Check out this engaging infographic on logo design trends that will define 2018.


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