The popular children’s toys Legos have a rich and storied history. These once-wooden blocks were made in the workshop of toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. In 1934, his company was renamed Lego from the Danish phrase leg godt, which literally means “play well.” Since then, this once-tiny company has expanded at incredible pace, making board games and even famous console games, but always staying true to the original plastic Lego. One factor that has always worked in the favor of this popular company is the distinctiveness of their logo. The bright red, yellow and white colors of the logo leap out at consumers and can easily catch the eye of a young child.


The first logo, or more precisely the logo that was actually shown on toys, was a simple and modest affair. This logo was dark, with very warm and wooden looking colors. As the Legos, at this time at least, were exclusively wooden, the logo was meant to resemble a woodcut.  


In 1973, when Lego began production in the United States, they decided to update their logo for a more modern appearance. The Lego Company was trying to standardize their logo for the global market, and they settled on the well-known red, yellow and white logo that is still easily recognized today. This logo was meant to be highly-visible to the average consumer, as well as showcase the myriad colors of the Lego blocks themselves. The logo was also given a more brick-like shape in order to remind customers of Lego’s most popular Lego blocks.


In 1998 the Lego Company, created its current logo. While the overall logo is quite similar to the previous version, the logo was given a “graphic tightening” in order to make the colors more visible over the internet. The brighter colors and larger logo ensured that parents seeking that perfect toy for the holidays would not overlook the Lego logo.

Why the logo works

Many, many people surely played with Legos when they were children and they undoubtedly passed their enjoyments of these toys down to their children. From a simple woodcutters shop, Legos have become an international sensation for generations and the company shows no sign of slowing down. The popularity of Legos seems to be on an incredible rise as they have branched out into such territories as console games and incredibly complex models. The draw of the Lego logo is in its boldness. The bright colors are sure to attract the eye of young customers who will in turn draw their parent’s eyes to it. The brick-shape of the logo says that all that anyone needs to know about the toys and this simplicity has no doubt helped the Lego Company in its rise to the top. The logo of the Lego Corporation is made to reach its target audience of young children and this logo is sure to have a place of honor beneath many Christmas trees and beside many birthday cakes for years to come.

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