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Law Firm Names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Law Firm Names & Logos
  2. How to create a logo for your law firm

A solid name can become a major competitive advantage for your law firm. Your main goal is to show customers that they can trust your company. Remember that your future success relies on the quality of your services. Come up with a short list of suitable options and weigh the pros and cons of each. When making a choice, think about the goals your business is pursuing.

How should you navigate this challenging task? What factors should you consider? How can you choose the best name for your law firm? The easiest approach is to take the first or last names of your company’s founders. Whether good or bad, this trick works well for absolutely all businesses in the industry. Another good idea is to play around with words associated with your industry (act, lawyer, etc.). Be creative but make sure that your selected word is easy to remember and pronounce. Also, you can add a short and catchy slogan.

Following are law firm names and icons created by owners in your field. Pick the one or two options you like best and use them for inspiration.

Law Firm Names & Logos

law logos


law, lawyer, case, legal, business, consultations, attorney, partner, court, agreement, etc.

How to create a logo for your law firm

Your corporate branding sends a compelling message to your clients. Therefore, your business cards, letterheads, website, and other visuals must look edgy and professional. A smart logo is your springboard to success, so don’t miss this chance!


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