Current Kool-Aid logo
Current Kool-Aid logo
Most parents and most people who were ever children know about Kool-Aid. For the unfamiliar, Kool-Aid is a flavored packet that produces an intensely-flavored drink when mixed with water and sugar. While some adults may have trouble handling the sweetness overload, it is still one of the most popular drinks among kids. Add its appealing taste to a very low price, and it is obvious why it has become a universally experience of the American childhood. Its appeal to children is one the reasons that Kool-Aid became so popular, but it isn’t the only reason. Almost immediately after it was released, it was competing with copycats trying to nudge into the market. In order to set the original apart, Kool-Aid needed strong branding that was easily recognized by both children and adults. Part of this branding came in the form of the famous “Kool-Aid Man”, a giant water-pitcher spokesman who appeared in many different forms of media over the years—including both comic books and television commercials. The other side of the branding equation came in the form of a logo. Here are some of the logos that have made Kool-Aid a strong force over the years.

Logo #1: Just Kool-Aid

This logo may not have been much in the way of creative branding, but it did the last the company for nearly 50 years. When this logo was introduced, most packaging was in black and white, so there were few options to show off. This logo delivered where it mattered, though. The words have an appealing shape and it would be difficult for any other brand to pass off as the real thing. This logo would remain the standard until the 1970’s rolled around. It is in the second logo that we begin to see Kool-Aid trying to introduce an attitude to match the market of children it was trying to reach.

 Logo #2: Add a Little Blue

The blue logo was introduced in the 1970’s. The classic looks as well as the exaggerated “K” and “A” has remained, but there are several important differences that show off the new direction Kool-Aid was trying to take. The letters in this new version were much bubblier, perhaps to be even friendlier to the younger audience. The new logo also incorporated bright colors that were sure to catch eyes in the grocery store. This 70’s logo set the direction for the new logo that would follow, but it was pretty tame compared to the logo used today.

Logo #3: Brighter and Looser

This is the current logo that is being used by Kool-Aid, and it was obviously designed to hit all the right notes when it came to a young audience. The letters are even less formal than they appeared in the last logo, and now they have a vaguely liquid shape to match the product. The blues used in the logo are also far deeper, and once again, much easier to catch in the grocery store aisle. The fact that almost any child can recognize this logo often before they can even read) is a testament to the power of strong branding.

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