How to Use Whatsapp for Business

WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Business API: What are the differences and why do you need it? 5 ways to implement WhatsApp in your business How to create a WhatsApp business profile? How to set up WhatsApp communication with customers? How to analyze the results? Businessmen who missed the beginning of the Facebook era in 2007 […]

The Complete Guide to Digital Business Cards

Contents: 1.Why you need a digital business card2.How to create a digital business card?3.How to scan your paper business card4.How to create a business card for print Is it possible to add a video clip or hyperlink to your business card? Absolutely, if you’re using a digital business card! Since most people store information on […]

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How to Create a Ready-to-Print Business Card: 10 Rules and 3 Tips

Contents: 1.Specifications2.3 ways to print your card For 72% of people, a business card is responsible for the first impression of the company. However, creating a visually appealing piece is not enough. Besides that, you also need to make sure your business card looks presentable in print. In this post, we’ll talk about how to […]

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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Small Business?

Contents: 1.Website, domain name, and hosting provider2.Why do you need web hosting?3.Types of hosting services4.Web hosting providers for small businesses If you’re starting a new business, you can’t do without a professional website to tell your customers about your products and services, drive traffic from social media, make sales, etc. For your website to work […]

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Where to Find High-Quality Photos and Videos for Your Website?

Contents: 1.How to use stock photos?2.Where to find free photos?3.Where to find free video content?4.Where to find premium stock photos? Video content is the best way to draw the attention of your audience and evoke their interests in what you’re doing. It has been discovered that the human brain processes videos 60 thousand (!) times […]

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13 Best Color Scheme Generators

Contents: 1.Coolors2.Colorsafe3.Color.Hailpixel4.Colorhunt5.Galactic.Ink 6.Colrd7.Sipapp8.0to2559.Flatuicolors10.Paletton11.Colr12.Javier.Xyz13.Colourco Corporate colors have the power to enhance your brand recognition by 80%, distinguish you from the competition, and establish customer trust. What is the best way to create effective color combinations with zero design skills? In this article, we’ve put together a rating of professional online color palette generators for desktop and […]

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Guide to Setting Up an Online Clothing Store

Contents: 1.Online store vs. Instagram store2.Choose your niche3.Choose the right e-commerce platform4.Choose a domain name5.Choose a template 6.Add products7.Add payment methods8.Run SEO9.Set up an advertising campaign10. Organize delivery11.Collect reviews and keep improving In 2020, 2 billion (more than 60%) online users will be shopping online. Plus, clothing remains the most popular purchase worldwide. Dreaming of […]

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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for Your Website

Contents: 1.Emotional associations2.How to pick the right color scheme?3.How to match colors?4.Three types of colors5.Use the color wheel 6.Choose the best color scheme For nearly 85% of customers, color is the key motive behind a purchase. As an entrepreneur, you need to leverage the power of colors to drive users to your blog, online store, […]

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How to Create a Website from Scratch: Step-by-Step Instruction

Contents: 1.Outline your goal and strategy2.Set up your brand identity3.Study web design trends4.Choose the right website builder5.Choose the template 6.Add content and perform optimization 7. Launch your website 8.Analyze and improve In this article, we’ll debunk the myth that to build a professional website, you need to be a guru in marketing and web development. […]

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How to Create and Set Up a Landing Page

Contents: 1.Introduction2.How to create a landing page by yourself? 3.AIDA and PMPHS 4.Top landing page builders If you want to start a new business, expand your client base or launch a new product, you might need to set up a landing page. It’s a single-page website dedicated to a specific product or event. One of […]

How to Create a Memorable Poster: Best Ideas and Examples

Contents: 1.How to create an eye-catching poster?2.How to create a catchy poster?3.Ultimate tools for creating a poster Did you know that the first prototypes of posters were used before Christ? Needless to say, they were very different of modern designs. The first version of the thing we now call a poster was invented in 1482 […]

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How to Open Pop-up Store: Organizіng Tips

Content: Background of pop-up stores Pros of pop-up storesLife cycle of a pop-up storeGlobal case studiesSumming up If you pay attention, you can spot temporary sales outlets (tents, kiosks, trucks, etc.) literally everywhere, e.g. at festivals, shopping malls, in the street, etc. Such outlets have a specific name, “pop-up stores.” In this post, we’ll find […]

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How to Create Pop-Ups That Convert: tips from Logaster

Content: Pop-up windows: Goals and typesPop-ups: FunctionsHow to set up a smart pop-up7 principles of a high-conversion pop-up windowRecap A pop-up window, or simply pop-up, is a short message that appears on a website page. Its goal is to convert a website visitor into an email subscriber or customer. Pop-ups are used to build a […]

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Contents: What is dropshipping and how does it work?How do I start a dropshipping business?TOP popular products of 2019 Dropshipping is a popular and time-tested model for launching your own business. The beauty of this concept is that you only take care of marketing. All the rest – including manufacturing, storage, packaging, and shipping – […]

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How to create a professional email signature?

Content:1. Email signature basics2. Best Email Signature Designs for Inspiration3. How to create an email signature4. Conclusions As a business owner, you know the power of good customer service. An overwhelming 96% of consumers say customer service is one of the priorities when choosing a brand. You are probably already using email marketing software to […]

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All You Need to Know About Logo Embossing

Content: AdvantagesEmbossing materialsEmbossing methodsEmbossing techniquesHow much does it cost?Bottom line A bond between your emblem and your audience reminds human relations. Once a beautiful logo catches your eye, you’re instantly hooked. You start examining color shifts, typography, unusual graphics… Your read the brand name trying to guess what it stands for. You think about what […]

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How to stand out at the exhibition with branded products?

A Business show is another type of advertising. “But, why?” – you ask. Isn’t it enough, that television, radio, YouTube, social networks, applications and even online Bible are being embraced by advertising? Advertising is becoming more intrusive and it is more difficult to surprise customers. So what’s the point of an exhibition then? To touch, […]

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