How to Use Visual Content to Increase Social Media Engagement

Content:1. Does Visual Content Really Increase Social Media Engagement? 2. Create Unique, Custom Graphics3. Follow Image and Video Specifications for Each Social Network 4. Use Relevant Images5. Use a Variety of Visual Content6. Go Beyond Featured Images7. Provide Easy Sharing Tools Does Visual Content Really Increase Social Media Engagement?  With the entire social media networks […]

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How branded stationery can benefit your business?

What can one do to take marketing efforts to the next level if they have a nice website, several pages on social networks, properly working advertising, and even promotional materials? What can you do when you have flyers, brochures, badges, and business cards that remind the customer about your company? The most important thing to […]

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How to Calculate Profit Margin?

Contents:1.What is a profit margin?2.Margin vs. markup: What’s the difference?3.How do I calculate a profit margin online?4.How to calculate a profit margin in Excel?Launching their first business (whether it’s a restaurant or repairs shop), most beginning entrepreneurs have a vague idea of the basic financial terms and laws. However boring and difficult, mastering the fundamentals […]

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Printable Calendar: Types and Creation Methods

Contents:1.Types of calendars2.5 free calendar generators online3.How to create a calendar in PowerPoint4.Top 5 IOS/Android apps5.8 ideas to broaden your perspectiveThe reasons why you might need a personal photo calendar are plenty. It can be used as an interior design element, gift or business promotion tool. In this post, we’ll focus on how to design […]

How to Make an Invitation Card for Free

Content1.Design tips2.Top online services3.Pinch of inspirationWe bet you’ve done lots of preparation work. You’ve come up with a cool celebration theme, rented a restaurant or café, chose a catering company… The only thing missing is beautiful invites. Don’t get fooled by the small size of an invitation card. It’s a crucial part of your event […]

10 Simple Steps to Creating a Great Packaging Design

Content: Identify your product qualities Learn about your customers Identify your sales channels Select the right packaging Select the right wrapping Consult your brandbook Add the necessary information Don’t confuse your customers Think about where your packaging will be coming from Plan your budget How to create a selling packaging design Product packaging is one […]

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How to Create an Acronym for Business?

Table of contents: 1.What is an acronym? 2.What dangers to consider? 3.Top 7 famous acronyms 4.5 Best online acronym generators Still, don’t have a company name? Or it is too long? An acronym is thing to get a view of. A word made up from initial letters, like FIAT or Nasa, can make your brand […]