How to create a professional email signature?

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As a business owner, you know the power of good customer service. An overwhelming 96% of consumers say customer service is one of the priorities when choosing a brand. You are probably already using email marketing software to automate the operations and improve customer service.

Take another step forward and create a professional email signature that impresses the customer. Here’s a simple-to-follow guide on how to do just that.

Email signature basics

Most of you know what an email signature is. You’ve seen it hundreds of times in business emails. You’ve probably seen so many of them, you’ve developed a sort of banner blindness for email signatures. While this is true for many people, you can still use email signatures to add value to your email. Here’s why your emails may need a good email signature:

  • To remind the customer of your company
  • To give them a quick way to contact the sales rep
  • To let them navigate your site quickly
  • To share your social media contacts
  • To advertise

Getting five benefits out of a short piece of text is amazingly efficient. You can achieve the main goals of an email signature by these four core components.

  • Name
  • Role in the company
  • Company name
  • Phone number

If you want your email signature to perform at its highest, throw these into the mix.

  • Photo
  • Company logo
  • Website address
  • Links to key pages
  • Social media buttons
  • Call to action

Even if the person reading the email doesn’t read the signature, they will see the company name or logo you put there. The people who need to contact your sales representative as soon as possible will see the phone number conveniently put there.

Those users who do read the signature may be interested in visiting your website, so a set of links to the most converting pages will be the right fit for them. You can catch the attention of the readers by featuring a link to something you want to promote with a powerful CTA.

An email signature can be a multilayer marketing tool in the right hands. Here’s how it may look.

Best Email Signature Designs for Inspiration

Even if you choose to do the bare minimum with your email signature, it can look good and perform its function. Professional institutions often use this simple formula to communicate more information to their readers.

Source: John Hopkins University

Here’s another email signature that looks simple. But give it a second look, and you’ll see that it does more than you think.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

Despite its simple form, this signature gives the reader the option to check out social media pages, visit the website, check the blog, or make a reservation. That covers a wide range of functions for a wide range of clients.

The next signature is fairly simple when it comes to colors, but it uses the ability to upload pictures to an email to create a great design.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

This one is a bit more colorful, but it remains the same in terms of function. Note that the links in this signature suit the context. Instead of offering to check out the blog, you get the option to read this bar’s menu.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

HydroStorm’s email signature proudly showcases their logo and don’t forget about the photo of the representative to make the contact more personal.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

This signature does something others don’t. It advertises pet adoption by showing cute pictures linked to the company’s website.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

This email is pretty straightforward in terms of format, but it draws attention with the design. It’s not just about the email though, a great logo design ensures it draws attention everywhere.

Source: Email Signature Rescue

How to create an email signature

Are you ready to create a professional email signature? Here are your options when it comes to doing that.

Your email software

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the email software you use has a way of making a super simple signature. The most widespread ones, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Gmail certainly do.

If you’re using Gmail, here’s what you have to do. Go to Settings > Signature, and change the radio button from “No Signature” to your preferred email.

If you’re using a secondary email to send business emails, be sure to check it in this section. Didn’t know you could do that?

Here’s a quick tip along the way: you can use Gmail to forward emails from multiple business accounts like It’s really handy because most cPanel email clients are inconvenient. Your hosting has to allow forwarding though (follow this link to learn more about email forwarding on your hosting).

Gmail gives you some control over the content, but it doesn’t let you resize images. It only gives some options, which might not be enough for you, and you’ll have to change the image in the editing software before adding it. You can’t tie the link to the image, either.

Outlook mail client gives you more basic HTML options, but it doesn’t let you resize the image at all.

Mozilla Thunderbird is more stripped-down. You can only make a basic signature if you know the basic HTML tags.

If these basic options are not enough for your signature, here’s what you can use instead.

Hubspot generator

Hubspot email signature generator is very simple to use, and it saves you time on coming up with a good font combination and spacing. All you have to do is type in your information in the form, and you’ll get a signature that looks like this.

Source: Hubspot

A short signature like this fits in 5000 symbols of codes. Yes, email coding can become rather bulky.

Here’s a pro tip for using Hubspot’s generator. Don’t let the “Create Your Own Free Signature” link scare you. To remove it, copy the code, and find this phrase in the code. Delete the whole table that contains it.

The code ends with the tag “</table>”. Look for the “<table>” tag that is the closest to the end. Delete all the code complete with these tags. The code you have to delete is highlighted on this screen.

Other generators

If Hubspot design doesn’t seem right for you, there are dozens of other generators on the web. Try them out and see what generator has the features you need. Start with Newoldstamp, they offer more customization and are pretty reliable.

Email frameworks

Want total control over your email signature? Don’t create it with a generator you’ve found on the internet, code it yourself! Zurb is a great framework that allows you to write email code in CSS in Foundation instead of learning the outdated table layout.

This way you have complete control over what your signature looks like. If you start using it, you may as well add some design to the emails themselves.

Don’t have coding skills? You can always hire a professional or ask someone from your IT department to do it. If the only thing you need is a signature, it won’t cost you much.

When you’re done with creating the signature, go to your email client and paste the code into the signature. Now, your brand new signature is going to help customers recognize you.


While the more advanced options of creating an email signature seem hard, you can always go for a web-based generator. With a new signature, you’ll be able to create more value for the customers, letting them access your website and social media right from the email.

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