The AT&T Logo

AT&T was actually founded by the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell himself, in 1876. Over time this company has become a house-hold name with thousands of locations and millions of workers throughout the global market. While AT&T has stayed true to their original focus of telephones they have also branched out into other […]

The Adidas Logo

Adidas started out as a small independent sportswear company in Germany. Today though, they are known all throughout the world with a presence in almost every global market. Adidas manufactures many different types of equipment and apparel including tennis rackets, referee uniforms, and even soccer balls. Adidas is also a major manufacturer of running shoes. […]

The Boeing Logo

The Boeing logo is easily one of the most noticeable logos in the world. You can hardly mention airplanes without thinking about it. The logo – blue in colour – combines a logotype and a stratotype typeface in a simple but sophisticated manner. That the logo still maintains the name of its founder, speaks volumes […]

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