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How to buy designs that I created as a part of the Brandkit?

We have created simple instructions that will help you get the best from our service! Today we will show how to buy designs that you created as a part of the Brandkit. Other instructions: How to change the color, font, text of logo or other products How to create business cards, envelopes, letterheads with created logo How to download and activate the product after payment How to find a logo that you have created but not saved Set of designs which you see on the product page – are just examples. After payment you can download your own designs and, if necessary the proposed examples. So let’s start. It is very easy to buy your designs. To do this you have to: 1. Go to logo page and buy BrandKit. You can read how to make a payment here. MainENG 2. Visit your account after payment. 3. Pick a product that you want to download or create a new one. accountENG 4. Click download button on the product page. Click “Activate design from brandkit” in the appeared list. BC_pageENG 5. Download the file in the format you need. downloadENG In this way you can download any products – business card, envelope, letterhead or favicon.

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