How to Create an Engaging About Us Page

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce environment, building a profitable business involves offering high-quality products and services and nurturing customer trust. To appeal to customers, your company’s website needs a compelling About Us page. In addition to providing information about your products and services, a persuasive About Us page must also encourage trust between your company […]

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How to Protect Your Account: Smart Tips and Top 10 Worst Passwords

Did you know that cyber criminals are attacking 214 accounts every second? A reliable password is a surefire way to prevent cyberattacks and bolster your online account security. Let’s talk about the popular methods scammers are using to steal your personal data and how to beat hackers. Also, we’re going to look at the top […]

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Best business books of all time

Did you know that reading is a habit shared by all successful people, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many others? Whether you’re a beginning entrepreneur or seasoned businessman, you must constantly improve and hone your skills by reading books on management, investment, customer relations, etc. Check out this list of the best business […]

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11 Tools to Back Up Every Freelancer

In our fast-growing world, more and more people prefer working from home and on their own terms over going to the office every weekday and suffer the entire week. Indeed, freelancers have more freedom and almost like entrepreneurs work for themselves. This very type of job is considered to be a job of the new […]

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All You Need to Know About Logo Embossing

Content: AdvantagesEmbossing materialsEmbossing methodsEmbossing techniquesHow much does it cost?Bottom line A bond between your emblem and your audience reminds human relations. Once a beautiful logo catches your eye, you’re instantly hooked. You start examining color shifts, typography, unusual graphics… Your read the brand name trying to guess what it stands for. You think about what […]

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How to stand out at the exhibition with branded products?

A Business show is another type of advertising. “But, why?” – you ask. Isn’t it enough, that television, radio, YouTube, social networks, applications and even online Bible are being embraced by advertising? Advertising is becoming more intrusive and it is more difficult to surprise customers. So what’s the point of an exhibition then? To touch, […]

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How to communicate with the client in the chat?

Content:1. Sales scripts: should you use them?2. Beware of automatic replies and stock answers3. Can chatbots replace humans?4. Get to know your customers5. You need to be proactive6. Remember to develop your company language As you may already know, live chat customer service has turned into one of the best ways to communicate with customers […]

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How to increase sales using online customer service

Content:1. Optimize your customer service channels2. Follow up and request feedback3. Be available on mobile4. Go omnichannel The online market offers one of the most competitive scenarios and is constantly growing and evolving. To achieve success, you must be willing to walk the extra mile to win customers and hold your ground against competitors within […]

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Project And Business Process Management: 10 Best Online Services

Content: ProofHubAhaNintexWrikeProcess StreetBitrix24TonkeanZoho CreatorTrelloWorkzone Business Process Management (BPM) and Project Management (PM)—these two terms are ridiculously popular these days.  Business competition has gotten fiercer in the past few years, forcing organizations and individuals to become more efficient, effective, and adaptable to the changing business environments.  To achieve that—many businesses are using (or planning to use) […]

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How to Calculate Profit Margin?

Contents:1.What is a profit margin?2.Margin vs. markup: What’s the difference?3.How do I calculate a profit margin online?4.How to calculate a profit margin in Excel?Launching their first business (whether it’s a restaurant or repairs shop), most beginning entrepreneurs have a vague idea of the basic financial terms and laws. However boring and difficult, mastering the fundamentals […]

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Printable Calendar: Types and Creation Methods

Contents:1.Types of calendars2.5 free calendar generators online3.How to create a calendar in PowerPoint4.Top 5 IOS/Android apps5.8 ideas to broaden your perspectiveThe reasons why you might need a personal photo calendar are plenty. It can be used as an interior design element, gift or business promotion tool. In this post, we’ll focus on how to design […]

How to Make an Invitation Card for Free

Content1.Design tips2.Top online services3.Pinch of inspiration We bet you’ve done lots of preparation work. You’ve come up with a cool celebration theme, rented a restaurant or café, chose a catering company… The only thing missing is beautiful invites Don’t get fooled by the small size of an invitation card. It’s a crucial part of your […]

Stationery Branding Guideline: format, paper, dimensions, color model

Content: General requirementsFlyers and leaflets: main difference, choosing paper and font, creating templatesPrinting on bagsBadges and the ways to fix themBusiness cards: types, formats, printing techniques and storage, general requirements for templatesBanners: types, printing techniques, pre-printing arrangements Creating a brochure General requirements Over the past 7 years of creating logos and corporate style elements for […]

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Full Brand Identity Package

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