5 tips on how to create a flyer with selling capabilities

Trying to create a graphic design flyer without any experience is like shooting blindfolded: in both cases, you won’t be able to reach the goal. Even though the role of the Internet is incredibly important these days, a flyer is still one of the most efficient and well-proven tools to deliver the marketing message to […]

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How to design a menu for a restaurant or café?

Contents 1. Designer tips 2. How to create a restaurant: – Menu online generators – Photoshop Video Tutorials Basically, a menu is a list of foods and beverages available at a café, restaurant, bar, pub, etc. Along with the names of dishes, you can also see their price and weights (in grams). Creating the right […]

Top 9 Email Marketing Services in 2019

If your business is on the web, chances are you may have the need for an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is a direct and modest way of communicating with your subscribers and keeping them updated on special offers, discounts, company news, local events, and much more. It goes without saying that no company has […]

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How to Start an Online Clothing Store

Starting a new online storefront to represent your brand is easier than it ever was before. Тips and a step-by-step tutorial to setting up an online storefront. Here’s everything you need to know about how to start an online clothing store.

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All You Need to Know About Logo Element

Graphic logos are a lifesaver for all kinds of businesses and brands. If you can’t decide on the style for your emblem, be sure to choose graphics! Logaster is all the more reason to go for a logo element. This logo maker is a potent source of original artwork you won’t find anywhere else.

The Best Free Tools for Small Business

MailChimp HubSpot LeadSquared GetResponse Logaster It’s often said that the best things in life are free. While unrequited love and friendship may be what the creator of the adage had in mind, we’d like to cheekily add “free website and small business marketing and branding tools” to the list. Every company claims to have the […]

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7 Types of Logos: Which One to Choose?

Types of logos Wrapping it up A logo is an organic part of your brand identity. Despite its small size, a logo is responsible for a number of important functions that determine your company’s success. It’s the first thing your potential customers see when making acquaintance with your brand. A good logo ensures that your […]

Full Brand Identity Package

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