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Flower Shop Name: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Flower Shop Names & Logos
  2. How to create a logo for your flower shop

Making a good first impression on your potential clients starts with a concise and catchy name. It plays a huge role in customers’ perception of your brand.

What is a good name for a flower shop? The first idea that comes to mind is something flora-related. The best thing about this approach is that your customers will be able to identify your industry at once. If you work as a florist designer, you can even lend your own name to your business. If your shop is located on a street or in a district with an outstanding name, it would be a pity to not take advantage of it. Finally, try to sneak a peek into the future. If you’re planning to sell complementary products (e.g., handmade gifts, balloons, etc.), it might be a good idea to reflect that on your signboard.

Learn from your competitors’ choices. Select the most appealing options and determine what it is you like about them. This will help you come up with your own masterpiece that will be an inspiration for others!

Flower Shop Names & Logos

flowers shop


bouquet, décor, flora, fantasy, beauty, color, original, gift, style, shop, meadow, valley, basket, bud, rose, peony, etc.

How to create a logo for your flower shop

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