The Firefox Logo

The web browser Mozilla Firefox grew from a tiny little company formed in 2004 into a powerhouse of the World Wide Web. Now millions of people across the world use Firefox to check their e-mail surf the web or watch their favorite YouTube videos. Noted for its reliability and quality, Firefox is sure to be a vaunted web browser for many years to come. One important factor in Firefox’s success is the distinctive look of their famous logo. Anyone who surfs the web on a regular basis, which includes millions of people, is sure to recognize the Firefox logo. This brand recognition is incredibly important for any business, and anyone who wants to create a branding empire of their own should consider the lessons of the Firefox Logo.

Logo#1 The Phoenix

The very first logo and name of the company that was to become the famous Firefox was actually a phoenix. The logo depicted a phoenix rising in flames, meant to both iconic and symbolic of the browsers speed. Trouble came when the company discovered that there was already a company out there with the name “Phoenix” trademarked. This led to legal issues and Mozilla was forced to change the company’s name. In another turn for the worse for Mozilla the next name they chose, Firebird, was also affiliated with another company. Mozilla tried to make the logo their own by having the name officially be Mozilla Firebird in an attempt to make it work but were forced to change the logo again. This is an important lesson for anyone who wants to create a branding empire of their own. While an iconic logo is important for any company, it’s absolutely vital to consider whether the image might be trademarked. The incredible name and logo that Mozilla came up with turned into a legal nightmare for them and such issues can be fatal for a company.

Logo#2 Firefox

Finally Mozilla found a logo to call their own, the famous Firefox, in 2003. The logo showed a fiery fox encircling a stylized earth. This logo is meant to symbolize Firefox’s global reach as well as its “blazing” speed. This logo really clicked with consumers for its uniqueness and Mozilla knew it had found a winner.

Logo#3 Current Logo

Firefox decided it had a winner in their earlier Firefox logo. However, in order to refresh the logo and make it more acceptable to consumers, they brightened and updated the colors. This Firefox logo still stands to this day and seems to have passed the test of time.

Why the Logo Works

Despite the issues and legal problems that Firefox went through before finally finding a logo that works for them, there can be no doubt that the logo is distinctive. Anyone who spends any time online can easily recognize the logo on sight, meaning that millions of people are exposed to it every day. This logo probably works because it manages to symbolize Mozilla’s dedication to speed and world-wide access so well.

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