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Financial company names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Names & Logos of Financial Companies
  2. How to create a financial company logo

In a competitive world of investments and banks, a stylish and edgy name is a must. However, this doesn’t mean it must be boring and conservative. Your task is to create a name that will attract attention and that your potential clients will remember.

Avoid complicated, whimsical names your audience may have trouble understanding. Pick a memorable option that will work for your brand both now and in five to 10 years. What makes this industry special is that you can create a word that has no meaning. This is your chance to build your company’s history from scratch and reveal your brand personality.

Check out the names of global financial brands that enjoy the trust and credibility of millions. You can’t go wrong with such words as “capital”, “investment”, “consulting”, and the like. Combinations like “Capital One” are also well-conceived.

Struggling to decide? Browse the names used by other companies in the financial industry. This will surely help you create a smart and effective name for your own business.

Names & Logos of Financial Companies

finance company


transactions, payments, commerce, management, safety, money, data, consulting, contract, trust, reliability, credit financing, budget, services.

How to create a financial company logo

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