Why You Absolutely Need a Black and White Brand Identity

How a black-and-white palette can enhance your brandingHow to use an achromatic paletteBeautiful black-and white logos Are you breaking your head over how to create a timeless branding that won’t look outdated in a few years? Are you looking to bring forward your product value or emphasize the unique personality of your brand? One way […]

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How to Create an Awesome Banner for Your YouTube Channel

3 tools for creating a killer banner4 tips for designing a YouTube banner5 amazing YouTube banners If designed well, a banner can boost your YouTube channel big time. Among other things, a cool banner has the power to grab viewers’ attention, hint at the topic of your channel, and urge users to perform a certain […]

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The Power of Monochrome Palettes

What is a monochrome color scheme?Why use a monochrome palette?Why monochrome designs?Tips for creating a monochrome palette If you’re struggling with choosing an ideal color palette for your logo, website or packaging, we recommend using a monochrome scheme. A monochrome palette contains different shades of one and the same color. To put together a classy […]

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Love at First Sight: How to Wow Your Customers With Shipment Packaging

Considering how busy the average eCommerce business owner is, they probably look at the octopus – eight arms, nine brains – with envy. The to-do list simply never ends. You have the obligation of sourcing a great product, taking high-quality product photography and touching them up, catchy product description, competitive SEO, and don’t forget about […]

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Why Custom T-Shirts Work So Well As Promotional Products

When it comes to marketing, brands, agencies, and not-so-humble marketers are forever on the hunt for the next “best practice.” As our textbook definition of marketing—the processes that create, communicate, and deliver value for customers, clients, and partners—confronts our increasingly digital world, it all starts to look more and more dynamic. (1) However dynamic they […]

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Web Design Trends In 2021

Think of the number of websites you visit each day.  Whether they are already familiar to you or you’re exploring them for the first time, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see what you like and what you don’t.  You’ll know who has put the effort in and who relies on templates without […]

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Horror Movie Posters: 100 Years of Evolution

Horror films have always been a hit among moviegoers. Starting from the 20s of the XXth century, horror movie posters have undergone a major transformation. In this article, we’ll examine the cinematic industry for the best designer tools and techniques. And of course, you can’t miss our tips for creating a thrilling horror-themed poster of […]

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How to Use Glitch Art in Branding

Before diving on the topic, we want you to picture the so-called “noise” that you’ve certainly seen on a TV or computer screen. Inspired by this technical flaw, artists and designers have created an unusual design trend called “glitch art”.  Nowadays, this type of new media art is widely used not only by artists but […]

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Business Cards in 2021: Current Trends and Smart Tips

Plastic, stamps, and gradients: Key trendsMinimalism and branding: Design tips What does it take to make a modern and creative business card? The secret to success is to use trendy techniques that will grab your audience’s attention and tell them about your brand. This article looks at the top business card design trends for 2021.  […]

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“People estimate the quality of the product by the quality of design” – Leonid Feygin

Leonid Feigin is a creative director and co-founder of Direct Design Visual Branding (DDVB), a marketing agency, which has won more than a hundred awards in the field of advertising and graphic design. Among DDVB clients are major Russian and Western brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Alfa-Capital, Beeline, Samsung, and many others. We asked Leonid […]

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12 Creative Examples of Corporate Identity for Inspiration

Elements included in corporate identityExamples of famous brands’ corporate identity Corporate identity is not just a combination of logo, slogan, corporate colors, and fonts. Its main goal is to create a recognizable image of the company in the eyes of consumers. In this process, every point of contact with the brand becomes crucial, from branded […]

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10 Main Business Card Design Trends in 2020

A modern business card does not only include contact information, but also a stylish design that conveys the character of a brand and contributes to its promotion. 72% of people judge a company by its business card design, which means it should look professional, creative, and stylish. We have collected ten trending tricks that will […]

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15 Beautiful Backgrounds For Logo Presentations

If you are a graphic designer, you will surely find the following list of free backgrounds very useful for logo presentations. These awesome free backgrounds for logo presentations will help you display your logo designs in a professional and attractive way. The logo will look better than on a plain white background and your customers […]

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Web Design Trends: Past, Present, and Future

You might have heard a very common don’t-chase-trends-and-be-yourself tip. While this is a good approach, it doesn’t work all the time. If you want to create an effective design for your website, studying trends is crucial to your success. Trends are much more than just fly-by-night whims. They are a very valuable source of information […]

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How to Create a Brandbook: Methods, Tips, and Examples

Before you begin 8 key components of a brand book 3 ways for creating a brand book 3 ways for printing a brand book Final thoughts Your brand is much more than just the product or service you’re selling. When choosing a company to commit to, customers consider its identity, tone of voice, values, and […]

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