1. How much does a logo development cost?
  2. How much are you willing to pay for a logo? Survey findings
  3. What factors affect the price of a logo created by a professional designer?
  4. Designer vs. online logo generator

The cost of logo design, just like any piece of artwork, is determined by several things. In this article, we’ll share useful survey findings and break down the factors that affect a logo price. How does a logo price differ depending on the logo creation method? How much are beginning entrepreneurs willing to pay for a good-looking emblem? Whom should you trust with your logo: professional designers or innovative online services? Read on to find out!

How much does a logo development cost?

A logo price directly depends on the method you’re using to design it. While some businesses get a great emblem for free, others pay several thousand dollars for a memorable, catchy image. Following are the most common options available to you.

Professional designer. This is one of the most popular methods to create a logo at an affordable price. To get an effective emblem, you need a competent, responsible contractor. Prepare to spend $200-$500, depending on your designer’s skills and experience.

DIY. This method is free unless you put a price tag on your time. The only thing you need is some experience with image editing programs like Photoshop. This is a great opportunity to put your creative talent to work and save some money!

Design bureau. Compared to a freelance designer, a high-profile design bureau is both more reliable and more costly. Plus, it takes more time to coordinate the actions of a design team and make adjustments. As in any industry, good service costs money, so prepare to part with $1,000 or more.

Design contest. Go to a specialized platform (99designs, DesignCrowd, etc.) and launch a design contest with a fixed budget. The rest is easy! Browse hundreds of logos created by designers of different levels and pick the one you like best. The creator of the winning emblem gets the reward. The budgets for such contests start at $100.

Online logo maker. Online logo generators (e.g., Logaster) are another opportunity to get a neat logo in a matter of minutes – fast and inexpensive (from $10). Designhill’s AI powered Logo Maker is an another great tool that has fully transformed the logo design market.

As you can see, your logo design budget varies greatly depending on the method you’re using. How do prices correlate with customers’ financial needs? Let’s find out in the next section.

How much are you willing to pay for a logo? Survey findings

Back in 2015, we conducted a survey of beginning entrepreneurs to find out what price they considered appropriate for an emblem. We also asked about the optimal price/quality ratio and what things people put first when it comes to logo design.

According to the findings, small businesses choose designs that are not too expensive (no surprise there).

As seen in the chart, 27% of respondents are ready to pay no more than $30. Furthermore, 25% and 21% of those surveyed are willing to part with $31-$100 and $100-$500, respectively. Only 9% of aspiring entrepreneurs have a budget of $500 and higher. Note that as many as 18% of respondents would like to get an emblem for free. As for the time needed to design a logo, most (43%) businesspeople are willing to wait no more than two weeks, while 27% expect their design to be ready in two days, tops.

Furthermore, 29% of those surveyed are willing to compromise on quality to get a low-cost logo in the shortest time possible. Another 29% of entrepreneurs have the opposite view and value quality above all else. A smaller portion of respondents (13%) consider speed most important, while 11% want a cheap and professional-looking logo without having to wait. (Sounds impossible, right?)

This survey confirmed our assumptions that novice businesspeople aren’t interested in costly graphic artwork, as they lack both time and money for a thoroughly-developed brand identity. Instead, they choose budget-friendly options. If you’ve decided to trust your logo to a designer, be sure to read the next chapter of this article about a designer’s pricing.

What factors affect the price of a logo created by a professional designer?

If you’ve decided to commission a qualified specialist, you should know what parameters are factored into the price a designer sets.

Scope of work. It’s not uncommon for a designer to offer a complete brand identity kit that includes designs for different applications, corporate fonts and colors, etc. Of course, such a kit will cost more than just an emblem. However, if you’re serious about your corporate identity, a fully-fledged brand kit is worth having!

Number of versions and adjustments. The cost of a designer’s services depends on how many logo versions they’ve been commissioned to design. Generally, a designer creates an emblem with two to five variations. If you need more samples, you’ll need a bigger budget. Plus, the more adjustments a designer must make to a finished logo, the higher the end price will be.

Experience. Although a seasoned professional (let alone a design studio) charges more than a novice designer, your chances of getting a balanced, appealing logo are higher with the former.

Time. If you’re pressed for time and need your logo fast, prepare to pay extra. And vice versa. If you’re OK with waiting, you can save some money. However, for the most part, the designer is the one who determines the time when the work will be ready.

All the above factors significantly affect the price of a logo that a qualified designer creates. Why do many small businesses prefer online logo makers? Is their example worth following? Let’s clear this up!

Designer vs. online logo generator

When choosing between these two options, you should focus on your budget. How much money can you afford to spend on your brand identity? If you have money to burn, you can use the services of a professional graphic designer or a high-profile design studio. This guarantees you a stylish, memorable logo created in compliance with the latest design standards.
If you can’t boast of an impressive bank account, we recommend that you use one of the AI-powered logo makers, such as Logaster.

With Logaster, you can choose from among dozens of ready-to-use logo templates that meet the needs of your industry.


You can pick any sample you like, pay a small fee, and save it to your computer in any suitable format. If your selected design requires an adjustment, feel free to change its parameters (font, colors, etc.) by using Logaster’s smart editing tools. Logaster’s services are absolutely free! You pay only for a finished designed you’re happy with!

As you can see, the question “How much does a logo cost?” has no straightforward answer. A logo price depends on the logo creation method you’ve chosen. Our survey has shown that, when it comes to designing corporate imagery, small businesses are concerned mostly with price and time. Advanced logo makers (e.g., Logaster) offer the best price/quality ratio, so be sure to give them a try!

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