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Сleaning company names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Names & Logos of Cleaning Companies
  2. How to create a household service logo

Your name is the first thing people learn about your cleaning company. Therefore, it must define the services you’re providing and be memorable. Clients need a professional household service that does a good job. Try to come up with an option that channels trust and reliability. 

What things should you consider when choosing a name for your household service? First and foremost, it must be simple and easy to understand. Plus, a good name is catchy, so make it short. Play around with two or three words associated with tidiness and freshness, such as “Clean Home”, “Say No to Dust”, “Cleaning Time”, etc.  

Try to describe your line of work. If you specialize in maintaining houses, industrial facilities, windows or cars, reflect it in your company name.  

Overwhelmed with information? Have a look at some variants already used in your industry. Come up with a couple of your own options and choose the one that best suits your business.

Names & Logos of Cleaning Companies

cleaning company


cleanness, service, eco, white, green, comfort, luster, cleaning, freshness, shining, crystal, scent, polishing, house.

How to create a household service logo

It’s high time that you think about a logo. With a neat image coupled and a smart name, your company will gain an edge over competitors and stay in your clients’ memories for a long time. Click on “Create” and choose the best samples to craft your unique corporate style.


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