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Café Names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Café Names & Logos
  2. How to create a logo for your café

When it comes to opening your own café, a good coffee machine, stylish interior design, and delicious menu are only half the deal. You also need to make sure your café sounds good. Its name must have the power to draw the attention of random passers-by and make them want to drop in for a refreshing cup of tea.

It’s not uncommon for a cozy café to feel like a second home to its regular customers. It’s an ideal place for get-togethers, business negotiations, and quick bites between errands. Keep that in mind when you come up with a smart name for your place. Play around with the words “coffee” or “coffee shop.” Aim for an unusual, intriguing word that does justice to the unique atmosphere of your place. A good slogan can make your name very atmospheric.

For the best results, follow some important rules. First, your selected name must be short and memorable. Second, it must channel positive vibes. Third, it must be associated with your industry. In addition, it must appeal to your target audience, whether you’re opening a lounge, roadside café, etc.

Already have a couple of ideas? To avoid repetition, be sure to explore our pool of your industry-specific names. Take your time to carefully analyze them and come up with an even better name of your own!

Café Names & Logos



coffee, latte, espresso, tea, caffeine, beans, barista, breakfast, dinner, desserts, drinks, aroma, homey, friendly, family, original, creative, house.

How to create a logo for your café

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