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12 Smart Ideas for Side Jobs

You don’t need to look for a new job to boost your profits! According to this survey, about 45% of Americans have successfully turned their hobbies into an extra source of income. Why don’t you do the same? This is a great opportunity to polish your skills, build a strong portfolio, and develop a professional network. Read on to find out how to make some extra money without. 

NB. Please note that this article contains approximate earnings for each side hustle. How much money you’ll be making depends your niche, level of expertise, and abilities to promote your brand. 

1. Photography

This side hustle is an ideal choice for creative people who have a passion for photography. Start with choosing your niche. It can be wedding, family, portrait, fashion, food or any other type of photography. Plus, you can consider selling your work on stock photography sites.   

What you need:

  • professional camera;
  • basic knowledge of composition and lighting;
  • photo editing skills.

How much you can make. A one-hour photo shoot costs from $30-60 (Eastern Europe) to $100-300 (USA). On stock photography websites, you can get $0,5 to $10 per image. Price tag on wedding photo shoots varies from $700 (Eastern Europe) to $1,000-3,000 (USA).

Where to find clients. If you have zero experience in photography, it’s a good idea to start as an assistant to a seasoned photographer. Ít’s a surefire way to acquire the so-much-needed knowledge and make useful contacts. If, however, you’re ready start on your own, you can search for clients on big freelance platforms (Upwork, Fiverr) and place ads on your local photography forums. Also, create an Instagram account and grow your following there. Starting your own photography blog is also an option.

Be sure to check out major stock photography websites, such as Shutterstock, Depositphotos, and Istockphoto.

stock photography websites

2. Consulting

If you consider yourself an authority in a specific field, you can share your knowledge with others for a fee. Try working as a consultant. You’ll be paid for analyzing data, developing recommendations and guidelines, and creating turnkey solutions. Consultants are in high demand across different industries, from the restaurant business to finance and marketing. In case you feel a lack of appropriate knowledge or skills for providing high-rated consulting services you can always take benefits from content marketing agencies like Essay Tigers expert team or some other respective ones. Thereby you will share only authority and actual data with others. 

What you need:

  • profound knowledge in a certain field;
  • task-solving skills and readiness to take responsibility for your actions.  

How much you can make. Your consulting fee may vary depending on your industry and experience. For example, a 1-hour consultation on marketing issues costs $20-30 in Eastern Europe and ca. $100 in the USA. If you want to become a career consultant, you can charge from $50 (Eastern Europe) to $140 (USA).

Where to find clients. If you’re willing to build a consulting career in the industry you’re already familiar with, you can benefit from word of mouth. Ask your existing clients to recommend you to their friends and coworkers. If, however, you’re starting from scratch, you should build a strong business account on LinkedIn and Facebook. Share insightful tips and communicate with your audience. Offering free consultations to the first X users is also a good promotion technique.


3. Logo design

This side hustle will suit both professional designers and those who have no experience in this domain. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to learn the basics of logo-making process, you can seek help from online logo generators, e.g. Logaster.

What you need:

  • good artistic taste and creativity;
  • basic design skills or experience using online logo makers.

How much you can make. The cost of designing a logo is determined on a case-to-case basis and depends on how sophisticated your design is and how many logo versions you’ve been commissioned to create. In Eastern Europe, designers charge $50-100 for one emblem, while their colleagues in the US make $300-800 on one art piece.

Where to find clients. Visit big freelance websites, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and others.

4. Cleaning

The good news is that demand for cleaning services isn’t affected by market changes or trends. People need clean homes and offices at all times. Since this is a highly competitive market, we recommend that you pick a niche you’re going to specialize in. For example, you can focus on cleaning after renovations or parties, removing complex stains, etc.   

What you need:

  • diligence and discipline;
  • effective cleaning products, vacuum cleaner;
  • ability to deal with different types of stains.

How much you can make. Your money reward will depends on the type of cleaning you’re doing. Standard prices vary from $10 (Eastern Europe) to $20 (USA) per hour.

Where to find clients. Contact cleaning agencies in your city/region and ask whether they’re hiring new employees. Also, advertise your services on specialized online websites and web communities (e.g., Housekeeper).


5. Dog walking

Due to busy working schedules, many pet owners don’t have time to walk their pets. Why don’t you take this task off their hands? On top of making some extra money, you’ll spend time with dogs, which can have a great anti-stress effect. 

What you need:

  • love for dogs;
  • responsibility, punctuality.

How much you can make.  From $2-4 (Eastern Europe) to $15-20 (USA) for one walk.

Where to find clients. Ask your friends to promote your services on their social media. Chances are that some of their followers/subscribers might be in the need for a dog walker. Also, post ads on your local forums and check out specialized pet services websites (e.g., Wag in the USA).


6. Catering

Catering refers to an array of services of preparing, delivering, and serving food at a variety of events, including weddings, banquets, conferences, etc. This niche is mostly dominated by big catering companies that hire personnel (waiters, cooks, drivers, etc.) for each specific event.  

However, this doesn’t mean that one person can’t provide catering services for smaller events. If you’re good at cooking and multitasking, you can easily come up with an original menu, prepare the food, deliver it to the venue, and lay the table.  

What you need:

  • experience working in the restaurant business;
  • high level of responsibility.

How much you can make. Your earnings depend on the type and scale of the event you’re catering. Prices vary from $50-150 for an entire event (Eastern Europe) to $14 per hour (USA).

Where to find clients. Sign up on job hunting websites (e.g., Indeed) and browse through the catering section. Alternatively, you can look for job openings with your local catering companies. 


7. Tutoring

If you have a solid academic knowledge of a certain domain (mathematics, foreign languages, etc.), you can give private lessons to students and adults. A great thing about this side hustle is that you can do it remotely by giving online lessons via Skype. 

What you need:

  • profound knowledge in a certain field;
  • sociability, amiability.

How much you can make. $8-15 (Eastern Europe), $30-50 (USA) per hour.

Where to find clients. Place ads across major online message boards, ask your friends and family to refer you to their acquaintances, and check out specialized websites like Tutors (USA), Tutorhunt (Great Britain), Repetitors (Eastern Europe).


8. Delivery 

Demand for delivery services is growing worldwide. No business, whether it’s a small pizzeria or international giant like Amazon and UPS, can do without couriers. It’s a great possibility of making some extra money, especially if you’re a teenager or university student. To be able to deliver orders fast and quickly, you’ll need a car, bike or scooter. 

What you need:

  • good navigation skills;
  • responsibility, punctuality.

How much you can make. From $400 (Eastern Europe) to $3,000 (USA) a month.

Where to find clients. Pick a few major companies in your region and check their websites and social media pages for delivery jobs.  

social media pages for delivery jobs

9. Babysitter/Nanny

A babysitter can do a variety of tasks. They can take a child for a walk, help them with their homework, cook a meal, and even clean the room. Decide for yourself what types of work you’re ready to do and children of what age you’d like to babysit. Note that families mostly hire females for this job. 

What you need:

  • ability to handle emergency situations;
  • love for kids and experience communicating with them;
  • knowledge of medicine and psychology will be a competitive advantage.

How much you can make. From $2-4 (Eastern Europe) to $15-20 (USA) per hour.

Where to find clients. When looking for a babysitter, parents mostly rely on recommendations and references from their friends and acquaintances. In this niche, the power of word of mouth is very potent, so make sure you have a few reliable referrals. Also, browse through your local babysitter websites. In Russia, it’s Nashanyanya. Ukrainian babysitters  can check out Zabota. If you live in the United States, go to Sittercity.


10. Craft business

Nowadays, you can’t impress anyone with mass products. People are starting to value custom-made items more and more. You can craft a variety of beautiful and useful items, from scrap books to soap. It’s a great idea for addition income if you’re currently on a maternity leave or on vacation. Keep in mind that your earnings will depend no only on our talent but also on your abilities to promote and sell your goods. 

What you need:

  • talent for creating unique handmade items;
  • basic knowledge of marketing and e-commerce.

How much you can make. Your earnings can vary from $10 to several thousand dollars a month. Your financial performance depends on what products you’re selling, how unique they are, and what your pricing strategy is.  

Where to find clients. Join a big online community of handmade artists, e.g.  Etsy. It’s a major website where you can sell your handmade items. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in offline events, such as exhibitions and fairs.


11. Web programming

If you have at least basic knowledge of  HTML or Python, you can develop full-scale websites and mobile apps. If you know nothing about web development, you can still create simple websites based on WordPress, Wix or Squarespace frameworks.

What you need:

  • coding skills (for web developers);
  • experience working with content management systems (for those who use website builders);
  • basic knowledge of graphic design.

How much you can make. From $10-20 (Eastern Europe) to $50-100 (USA) per hour.

Where to find clients. Look for work on popular freelance websites (Upwork, Fiverr) or specialized IT websites (Scalablepath). Find more web development platforms here.


12. Event planning

If you have a knack for organizing events, you can try your hand at planning birthdays, parties, weddings, conferences, festivals, and other celebrations. Remember that it’s a very challenging job. An event planner is responsible for every aspects of the event, from choosing a venue and music to designing invitations. 

What you need:

  • project and personnel management skills;
  • sociability;
  • time management skills;
  • stress resistance;
  • creativity;
  • multi-tasking.

How much you can make. In Eastern Europe, you can count on $400 per month or $25-100 per hour. In the USA, your share usually amounts to 15-20% of the total cost of the event.

Where to find clients. References are the best form of advertising. Make useful contacts in the HoReCa industry, ask your friends to recommend you to everyone they know, communicate with your potential clients both online and offline. Building a solid client base may take time but it’s totally worth it in the end. If you’re new to this job, start with small projects. Plan a few events for your family and friends. Once you’ve put together a nice-looking portfolio and gained some experience, you can take it a step further and grow your professional ambitions. 


Blog editor and content marketing specialist at Logaster. Expert in web marketing and branding. Writes complex concepts with simplicity. Natalia’s articles contain useful guidelines on how to build a successful brand and promote it online.

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