Top affiliate programs 2020

Affiliate program is an advertising format, the ultimate goal of which is to increase sales and generate affiliate income. The program involves the advertiser (it can be a service or a store) and affiliates who place texts, banners, links and other materials on their websites. Any of them sends a referral link to the advertiser’s website. As soon as the user clicks on the link and performs the necessary action, the affiliate receives a payout.

Affiliate programs: terminology and the essence

Once again about definitions:

  • advertiser, company, service, website is an author of the affiliate program;
  • affiliate is a partner promoting referral link;
  • referral is a user who came to the referral link and made the necessary action (purchase, registration, subscription, etc.).

Affiliate programs, unlike other ways to earn money on advertising on the Internet, are aimed at paying for the result. The result means any target action required by the advertiser (see below). There are affiliate programs with pay-per-view ads and clicks, but they are in the minority.

First of all, affiliate programs are interesting to owners of their own sites. But ordinary users can also earn on them. You can advertise the site, products and services of the advertiser by placing a referral link in your own account in the social network, as a signature on the forum, etc. Any method is acceptable, as long as it is not associated with spam. Manipulations are easy to detect. In this case, the affiliate loses his status and, as a consequence, earnings.

Types of rewards in the affiliate program

Note: all terms, payment rules, interest and amounts are specified by the advertiser in his affiliate program. Before starting work, you need to focus exclusively on them. There are three main types of payments in affiliate programs:

  1. For sale (the second name – for the transaction). The official designation is PPS (pay per sale). The affiliate promotes the referral link on his website or account. Each user (they are called referrals), who followed the link and bought the goods, brings a percentage of the sale to the affiliate. The amount is set by the advertiser and specified in the terms of cooperation. According to this principle, the affiliate program from the Logaster service works. It offers a fixed percentage on each purchase and is suitable for affiliates whose audience is small businesses, bloggers, etc.
  2. For action (for leads). Officially called PPL (pay per lead). The advertiser sets the target action option. This can be a link, registration on the site, subscription to the newsletter, etc.
  3. Multilevel affiliate earnings. The scheme looks something like this: users follow the referral link posted by the affiliate and also become affiliates.   They earn on the program, receive commission — and part of the funds goes to the affiliate, by whose link they registered. The principle is very similar to the pyramid, but people really earn on it.

As already mentioned, pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-view (PPV) options are less common. In the first case, the affiliate places materials on which users click and go to the advertiser’s website. In the second case, each thousand views is paid, excluding transitions and other actions of referrals.

Referral program: concept and types

The referral program in the classical sense is not based on the principle of cash reward, but on involvement. If the motivation tool is only payment, such a program is called affiliate. Main types of existing referral programs:

  1. One-sided. The user recommends a product or service to his environment and receives bonuses, branded gifts or other options of non-financial motivation.
  2. Double-sided. Option with obvious benefits for the advertiser and the affiliate. For example, for attracting new referrals the affiliate receives points that can be exchanged for the purchase of a premium subscription. Referrals also do not lose — they receive a free premium access for a month for registration on the affiliate link. This is an example of a scheme. The options may be different, but the principle of “it’s a win-win” should remain.
  3. Social interaction. A model of interaction based on attracting referrals through social networks.
  4. B2B. Referral programs are relevant in an environment that covers only business representatives. Example of a scheme: the online store offers when buying goods to register for a referral link and get additional service from a partner company. For example, when selling a vacuum cleaner, you can promote a referral link to a store that sells filters and other accessories.

What is the difference between a referral and an affiliate program (except for types of compensation for link promotion)? Referral affiliate programs are more suitable for promoting popular products and companies that are well known in the market. Psychological benefit in this case is equivalent to material. Affiliate programs are more recommended to companies that are just conquering the market or offering new products/services. In such cases, affiliates will be motivated to promote links.

Traffic sources for affiliate programs

To promote a referral link, it is important that the product or service is of interest to the target audience of the affiliate (visitors to its website, subscribers of the page in the social network, etc.). Geography, age, material condition, interests of the audience are important. For example, if the advertiser is a restaurant in Moscow, it is useless to promote a link to it to the residents of Warsaw.

In general, traffic for affiliate programs can be divided into two large categories:

  1. Targeted. Visitors who came to the site on the target search query. For example, looking for refrigerators and came to the site for the sale of refrigerators.
  2. Non-targeted. Visitors who accidentally got to the site and are not interested in the proposed products and services.

It is obvious that targeted traffic is valued in affiliate programs, since the ultimate goal of the program is to sell or otherwise stimulate the audience. Where to look for targeted traffic? Its main sources are:

  • search engine;
  • advertising (teaser, contextual, banner);
  • E-mail newsletters;
  • social networks;
  • articles.

All these sources are legal. While the rule of many affiliate programs prohibits the ways of “cheating” in the form of clickunder and other examples of “black marketing”.

How to promote the affiliate program

Brief recommendations for effective promotion of referral links:

  • place a link with a description on the site. Take advantage of the advertiser’s product or service or show an example of such use;
  • write a post or article that is interesting for your audience and can cause a desire to go to the referral link;
  • download the materials offered by the advertiser (forms, banners) and place them on the site: on relevant topic or key pages;
  • recommend personally. If your visitors or subscribers are people who are most suited to the proposed product, recommend it in no uncertain terms — just tell them what benefits it will give them;
  • write in social networks — prepare a post or leave a comment in the special interest community (if allowed by the rules);
  • organize your newsletter. If you have a sufficient base of active subscribers, send a link in an email, accompanied by a story about the benefits and advantages;
  • write a guest post: content which is of interest to readers where the referral link is simply referred to;
  • create a landing page. Develop a one-page, which aims to stimulate following the link with the desired action of advertiser;
  • shoot a promo video. Video format is the leader of modern content. In the video you need to describe the benefits of the product or service, and leave a referral link in the description of the video;
  • cooperate with CPA-affiliate programs. This is the name of specialized advertising networks that help attract referrals.

Secrets of working with affiliate programs

In fact, there are no “magic” ways. The secret lies in one’s own ability to interest the audience, to stimulate it to the necessary actions. For example, you can promote services and products that an affiliate is associated with as part of his professional responsibilities. Then he can recommend as an expert. And the audience trusting his expertise will actively follow the referral link. You can use a combination of several methods (for example, banners and emailing). It is important to become a referrer of services and products that the affiliate trusts personally.

Ways to earn money on affiliate programs

Let’s consider the options for making a profit by promoting affiliate links for everyone: from site owners to regular users.

Earnings on affiliate programs without a website

If you do not have your own blog or website, you can earn on affiliate programs through such sources:

  • own profile in social networks or own special interest page (group, community);
  • guest posts in blogs, information resources or groups of social networks;
  • comments on blogs, forums, communities and special interest sites;
  • articles and press releases for websites and publications with free placement;
  • Emailings subject to legally compiled database of addresses.

Earnings on affiliate programs without investments

The sources listed in the previous paragraph are relevant. Writing comments, posts and guest materials does not require any investment, except for the cost of your own time. As platforms for comments and posts, you should choose resources/communities where the interested audience is concentrated. Relatively speaking, it is better to promote the referral link of the toy store on the forum of young mothers than in the community of anime lovers.

Earnings on CPA affiliate programs

CPA networks are intermediaries between advertisers and all those who wish to promote referral links and receive commission for referrals’ transitions and actions. Convenient platforms allow you to quickly find services and stores: you can search by subject, commission amount, conditions. All processes are usually carried out through the control panel of the CPA network: the choice of the advertiser, statistics of actions on the link, commission accrual, etc. On the one hand, it is convenient. On the other — the commission is lower (the site takes part of it for its services). If you use little-known networks, there is a risk of unstable accruals of payouts.

Earnings on affiliate programs in VK

The most common ways to promote affiliate links in the popular CIS social network:

  1. Guest posts and comments in special interest groups. No investment required: it is enough to find suitable sites. But there is a significant disadvantage: posts and comments with referral links are prohibited in most groups.
  2. Publications on your own page. A good option for users with a large number of active subscribers and friends.
  3. Maintaining your own group. It is obvious that the option is appropriate only for promoted communities with a large number of subscribers and regular interesting publications (not only advertising).

Earnings on affiliate programs of info products

Info product means any content, resource and other object that carries valuable information or service to the audience. It can be a blog, a website with training courses, a service for generating logos and much more. Usually the owners of info products create their own affiliate programs and often offer affiliates ready-made materials for promotion (banners, articles, etc.). It is necessary to promote the referral link to the info product to the interested audience. One of the ways is personal experience of using the product.

Top affiliate programs for 2020

Earnings on affiliate programs begins with the selection of a suitable program and registration. In most cases, after registration affiliates get access to the control panel where they can use the tools, receive data on statistics, the amount of accrued funds. Let’s consider the most interesting modern affiliate programs.

Definitions to be mentioned in this section:

  • traffic means the number of visitors to the site for a given period of time;
  • hold means a fixed period of time when the referral is obliged to take an action;
  • Conversion Rate means positive result (confirmed actions) in relation to the total transition rate for the selected period of time;
  • ROI means affiliate’s income or loss level;
  • eCPC means the cost of transition, the ratio of the amount of earnings on the number of clicks on the referral link;
  • SubID means the principle of adding additional symbols to the referral link for identification.

Logaster affiliate program: conditions, earnings

Logaster is an online designer to create a corporate identity having several million customers around the world. The service helps companies turn into brands. And for people who are ready to promote the services of the designer, Logaster offers a profitable referral program.

The essence is simple: you need to register in the affiliate program, get a referral link and place it on a suitable site (your own website, social network page, forum profile, etc.). In the affiliate program control panel you can track transitions, actions and earned commission. When the minimum amount is accumulated, it can be withdrawn to the card.

Logaster offers the following conditions to its affiliates:

  • high commission — 30% of the amount of the paid order of the customer who followed the referral link;
  • ready-made marketing materials — the service provides prepared texts, pictures, banners and videos;
  • multilevel partnership (sub-partnership). 3% commission of the order amount of the customer who has followed the referral link promoted by your affiliate;
  • $5 welcome bonus for registration in the affiliate program;
  • the optimal amount for withdrawal — from $15 on the affiliate account;
  • convenient ways to pay the commission (to choose from).

The principle of Logaster affiliate program is simple: to register in a couple of minutes, read the detailed instructions, select the appropriate marketing materials and start distributing them. As soon as the referral clicked on the link, made and paid for the order — the affiliate will be charged 30% of the amount.

Affiliate programs of online stores

Affiliate programs of online stores (the second name — commodity affiliate programs) are consistently included in the ratings of the most popular. The reason is the active growth of the online sales market and the great prospects of this direction. Hundreds of online stores offer their own affiliate terms. Therefore, it is easy to find suitable products for promotion, price categories and terms of cooperation. The most common categories of goods in affiliate programs stores — clothing (and, in particular, t-shirts), watches, accessories, food, furniture, goods 18+.

Affiliate programCash rewardeCPCHold, daysConfirmation
Yushkoff.com10%RUB 2.31 3077.2%
Lamoda10%RUB 5.33 3061.1%
Hobby Games3 to 8.5%3 to 30 82.7%
Audiomania5%RUB 3.9660 85.4%
Grand-flora.ru6.5%RUB 3.7515 58.3%
L’etoileRUB 280 RUB 2.2530 53.4%

Earnings on AliExpress affiliate programs 

Several tens of millions of goods and affiliate deductions up to 50% — these are the average conditions for affiliates of the popular Chinese trade aggregator. The cheaper the product — the higher is the commission for referrals. Products of high price category (such as smartphones) usually bring affiliates 3-6% of the cost. There is an official affiliate program, as well as affiliate intermediaries. One of the advantages of working with the latter is the Russian language interface.

Affiliate programAverage interest rate
Official AliExpress affiliate program8
Gde slon?8.5

Affiliate programs for Instagram

The second most popular social network (after Facebook) allows you to promote products and brands to subscribers. The action that generates commissions is the subscription by referral link or confirmed paid order. Affiliate programs that support the promotion of referral links through Instagram:

  • Admitad;
  • Dr.Cash;
  • Afrek;
  • Plibber.

Affiliate programs with payment for registration

The number of referrals who register on the site or subscribe to the newsletter is much higher than those who leave and pay for orders. Therefore, affiliate programs that pay for the action in the form of registration, give though small, but stable option of earnings. The registration action is the lowest paid in the CPA category.

As advertisers in affiliate programs with payment for registration are:

  • online dating services;
  • social networks and forums interested in audience growth;
  • info sites;
  • aggregators of coupons and discounts;
  • cashback services;
  • auctions and bulletin boards.

Gaming affiliate programs

Advertisers are ready to pay for registration, installation of game applications, game achievements of offers and other types of activity (for example, replenishment of the account in the system, purchases). Promotion of referral links is justified only for a niche audience interested in such topics. For example, a blogger writing on the topic of online games can become an affiliate.

Affiliate programCash rewardPayoutsMinimum withdrawal amount
Alawarfrom RUB 45 WebMoneyUSD 5
FalcoPartnersUSD 0.014 to 0.35PayPal, WebMoney, Sberbank, Yandex.Money, QIWIUSD 20
Throne of GodRUB 30 to 45WebMoney

Affiliate programs for arbitrage

Arbitrage is the process of buying and selling traffic to earn on attracting buyers. The most popular CPA networks in the CIS to earn money on arbitrage are:

  • M1-shop;
  • Lucky.Online;
  • Admitad.

YouTube affiliate programs

YouTube has its own affiliate program. The system includes a commission for the views of the author users’ videos. In 2019, the requirements have tightened, and the owners of large channels with a stable growth in views and subscriptions (at least 100 subscribers and 4 thousand hours of views per year) can count on payouts. You can also use your own channel to promote referral links to other affiliate programs, taking into account the interests of your audience.

Yoola is a service for advertising in YouTube videos, one of the largest media networks in the world. Yoola gives 70 to 80% of advertising profits to its affiliates (it depends on the popularity of the channel). This is a good income on the Internet for owners of developed channels. You can get connected to the referral program by application, which is considered within 3 months. Payouts are transferred once a month by payment systems or to a bank card.

AIR is a Ukrainian media network that is rapidly developing on YouTube. Channels of minimum 1500 subscribers and 5000 views per year can connect to it. Officially AIR pays 70% of advertising income to its affiliates, but in fact the figure varies depending on the performance of the channel. This affiliate program is recommended for channels with author’s content working for the CIS audience.

The affiliate programs for tourism and travel

There are a lot of tourist affiliate programs, as this niche is in demand and diverse. For convenience, you can divide popular affiliate programs into special interest categories:

  • affiliate programs for the sale of tickets. All those that have tourist traffic can act as affiliates: travel bloggers, travel agencies, guides, etc.
Affiliate program Cash reward Payouts Technologies
Aviasales 1.3-1.8% WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank account API, WL, Mobile SDK
Skyscanner RUB 0.5-25 for the transition to the reservation of airline tickets  WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal API, WL
OneTwoTrip 2%, WebMoney, Qiwi, BankCard API, WL
  • affiliate programs for car rental — most of them are ready to work with traffic from any country in the world;
Affiliate program Cash reward Payouts Rental stores
Economybookings 60% of income WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank account 25 000
AutoEurope 10% of the booking 20 000
MyRentacar 60% of income  No data available
  • affiliate programs of hotels are one of the most profitable programs thanks to the high average check and a decent commission for paid reservations: 3-7%;
Affiliate program Cash reward Payouts Tools
Hotellook 4-5% WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank account API, WL, Mobile SDK + 10 tools 4% Links, banners, forms
Agoda 3-5% Paypal, bank account Links, banners, forms 4.92 Yandex.Money, WebMoney, bank account Links, banners, forms
  • insurance affiliate programs — allow you to earn on attracting referrals interested in registration of mandatory insurance (CMTPL (OSAGO), VZR (foreign travel insurance), etc.);
Affiliate program Cash reward Payouts Number of companies
Tripinsurance 25% WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank account
Strahovkaru from RUB 350 to 25% 16 from RUB 300 from 20% 13
Cherehapa 10% 15
  • affiliate services for the sale of bus tickets;
Affiliate program Cash reward Payouts Region
GoEuro 3.4% or EUR 0.26 per click WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank account Europe
Autobus.Travel 55% of income CIS, Europe, Russia 9.9% and not more than RUB 600  CIS, Russia
Busfor 7% CIS, Europe, Russia
  • affiliate programs of tours’ sellers.
Affiliate programCash rewardPayoutsDeparture
Misto.Travel60% of income WM, Yandex.Money, Paypal, ePayments, bank accountFrom Ukraine
Onlinetours4.2%From Russia
Travelata.ru3.8%From Russia
Level.travel3.3%From Russia

Affiliate programs for finance

A comprehensive category, as the concept of finance is quite universal. It includes services offering credit products, insurance companies, banks, etc. There are financial “pyramids” in this niche. The list of actions for earnings on referrals is wide: the commission can be charged for applying for a loan, confirming the loan, issuing a bank card, registration, etc.

Affiliate programCash rewardeCPCHoldConfirmation
IngosstrakhRUB 355 to 700RUB 29.6414 days100%
CreditPlusRUB 160RUB 1.82 30 days16%
Zaim-expressRUB 826 RUB 2.1510 days36.6%
eKapusta: Instant loansRUB 720RUB 16.95 5 days 30.2%
BitFin24 (CPL)USD 6 RUB 36.837 days90.5%
Ural Bank for reconstruction and developmentRUB 5500 RUB 2.3260 days52%

Real estate affiliate programs

Mostly advertisers are companies that provide services in the field of real estate or own thematic information products. The category is characterized by a high average check and large commissions. However, the number of confirmed actions is quite low.

Affiliate programCash rewardPayoutsMinimum commission amountCommission frequency
“Investing without risks and losses»30%Yandex.Money and bank transferfrom RUB 1001 time per month
“Residency through real estate investment in Hungary»50%WM, Yandex.Money, bank transferfrom RUB 10 0002 times per month
“Moskovskiye Okna (Moscow Windows)”from RUB 460 to 480WMRUB 30every week

Bank affiliate programs

Banks are ready to share commissions for the confirmed issue of a credit card or card for payments, account registration, a confirmed application for a consumer loan, etc. Sometimes the amount of payout depends on the established percentage of the client’s turnover on the card. Some banks offer affiliate payouts for the promotion of insurance services, deposits, etc.

Affiliate programCash rewardeCPCHoldConfirmation
AlfabankRUB 1100RUB 1.4730 days49.2%
SKB-bankRUB 3000 to 4500RUB 230.7790 days35.4%
HalvaRUB 1720RUB 98.95 30 days15.7%
SovestRUB 2800 RUB 497.68 30 days13.7%

Credit affiliate programs

As already mentioned, these affiliate programs are included in the category of financial. Affiliate loans often offer not only banks, but also microloan companies.

Affiliate programCash rewardeCPCHoldConfirmation
FinardiRUB 10000RUB 3.46 30 days20.6%
CryptoCredex1.5%RUB 127.9910 days68.8%
WebbankirRUB 940 to 1300RUB 3.41 30 days51.3%
MKK BiryuzaRUB 155RUB 71.187 days54.4%

Software affiliate programs

Despite the market prospects and a large number of potential consumers, this category is the most difficult in terms of promotion. The reason is the mentality. Most users prefer to use pirated software, rather than buying licensed. In general, developers of computer programs, engines sites, PC games, etc offer their own affiliate programs in this niche.

Affiliate programCash rewardPayoutsMinimum commission amountCommission frequency
SoftwareWebRUB 10000WM, Yandex.Money, bank transfer, PaypalNo restrictionsOnce a week
ZennoLab10%WM and PaypalOn demand
Yakaboo5 to 14%WMUAH 1001 time per month
MovieCash7 to 10%WMRUB 500Once a week

Affiliate programs for training

The owners of information products, services for the preparation of student and scientific papers, private educational organizations act as advertisers. affiliate programs can be combined with othe For example, a person interested in buying a ticket may be attracted by a referral link to language courses.

Affiliate programCash rewardPayoutsMinimum commission amountCommission frequency
StudOtvet30%Yandex.Money, QIWI, bank transferRUB 4001 time per month
Essay Partner50 to 60%WM, Paypal, bank transferRUB 1001 time per month
“Kibersant-Pisatel”20%Yandex. Money, Russian Post, RBK Money, Z-PaymentNot availableUp to 7 days

Other affiliate programs

Affiliate programTheme, categoryAmount of commission, %Additional information
DVNvideo content25bonuses with a significant increase in the number of referrals
Gold-affiliatejewelry10average check — RUB 5.000
Eirgroupmobile gadgets10 
All-gsmmobile gadgets10-30depending on the advertising materials used by the affiliate
Leadiaapplications for legal adviceRUB 15-135 are accrued for an application one of the most popular legal affiliate programs in the CIS segment
Sabrinaviwomen’s clothing55% discount on referral link
Aromatperfumes and cosmetics3cash or Webmoney payouts
Astroworldastrology65 — for the purchase of a paid service40 — for a PC program15 — for an application for the services of an astrologer 
Goodbodysports, healthcare10 
SkazkiProproduct for childrenUSD 20 for a book sale 
FabylonAffiliate program for commoditiesup to 20 
Avtocodcheck of a vehicle history RUB 70 per application 
Powerpartnerselectric appliances15payments 1 time per month on Webmoney
Pultelectronics1-12depending on the goods ordered
Top Shop TVtelemarketing goods5-20of the order volume
Huksygroup of stores20 
Flamingoflowers10minimum RUB 500 for withdrawal
SendPulseE-mail marketing25 — of the tariff plan purchase 10 — of the account replenishment 
Telderisites buying / selling up to 2 
Rookeelink aggregator25 
Timewebhosting provider10-40 
Dragunkinteaching foreign languages20of the cost of the course
GigagameMovies, music, audiobooks8-15 
Cpazillaentertainments20-30promotion by banners and landing pages
Shopotamauction intermediaryup to 2 
Ilfumomoneyelectronic cigarettes, tobacco30up to 40% — at high turnovers
Luxcashcopies of watches/clocks20 
Metaprofitonline tests82-90 

Which affiliate program to choose?

The correct answer is the most suitable. It is necessary that the affiliate program meets several individual conditions:

  1. Audience. Consider the people you want to turn into referrals. Does the product of the affiliate program meet their interests? If not, the promotion efficiency will be zero.
  2. Reputation of the advertiser. It is enough to search the Internet for reviews about the affiliate program and the company. If the terms and conditions of the affiliate program are questionable — someone will definitely write about it.
  3. Personal experience. To promote a quality product is more pleasant than to deceive the audience by offering them something unknown. Therefore, it is better to try what the advertiser offers.
  4. Long-term conditions. The affiliate program which is designed for a long period allows you to recoup the time and money spent on the promotion of referral links. As a rule, stable successful companies and well-known brands offer such affiliate programs.
  5. Conditions. The interest rate, the principle of accrual, convenient reporting, the minimum withdrawal amount, the option of transferring funds are the key factors of working with the affiliate program. All the subtleties of affiliate programs are mentioned in the terms and rules. It is better to read them in advance.

The choice of the best affiliate program is always individual. We gave basic information about affiliate programs and the principles of earning on them. With this knowledge, it is easy to find an advertiser with whom it is easy and profitable to cooperate. You can now register in the affiliate program of the service Logaster and immediately get USD 5 to your account. Promote links in a convenient way and earn on each customer.

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