15 Beautiful Backgrounds For Logo Presentations

If you are a graphic designer, you will surely find the following list of free backgrounds very useful for logo presentations. These awesome free backgrounds for logo presentations will help you display your logo designs in a professional and attractive way. The logo will look better than on a plain white background and your customers will love your work! We’ve also prepared some logo design tips, check it out here.

  1. Classic Wood Texture
  2. Brick wall texture
  3. Polygon
  4. Halftone Texture
  5. Vintage Wood Texture
  6. Paper Texture
  7. Curved Wood
  8. Bokeh
  9. Corrugated Poster
  10. More Textures

Classic Wood Texture

This is a high quality image that you can use in your design projects.

Classic Wood Texture

You can use the high quality image above in your design projects….

Below is a great photo of aged wood, which can be used as a texture in vintage style designs or whatever else you can imagine.

Brick wall texture

The following is a high resolution brick wall texture. Feel free to use it in your designs.


This is a polygon background that can be used in web design, prints, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, headers, cards or whatever you want.

Halftone Texture

Use it on any project you’re working on to give your design an authentic worn out, vintage look.

Vintage Wood Texture

This is a vintage wood image to use as a wallpaper or anything you like. Ideal for logo presentations!

Paper Texture

This is a simple paper texture.

Curved Wood

Use it to showcase your product or design.


This is a high quality blurred image that is great to use as an overlay for your next design project.

Corrugated Poster

You can easily create different effects simply by changing the colors or the blending mode of the textures.

More Textures

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