The Apple Logo

The Apple Company is one of the best success stories in the world. Started in a garage, Apple has gone on to become a household name throughout the world. Not only are they the creators of some of the most sought-after computers in the world, but they also manufacture the popular iPhone and iPad. Apple has shown no sign of slowing down, even after the death of Steve Jobs, and is sure to dominate the personal computer market for years to come. One factor that has always helped this company is the pure simplicity of their logo. The “Apple” logo the company has huge recognition across the world and is sure to be seen within most, if not all, computer stores. From MP3’s to cutting-edge laptops, the Apple logo is always close by. For anyone who seeks to create an international business, the simplicity and scope of the Apple brand is something that should never be forgotten.

Logo#1-The Apple and the Tree

The very first logo of Apple was a much more stylized and complex logo than the succeeding generations. This logo depicted the famous Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with the ubiquitous apple hanging over his head. One can assume this served to tie the company into the mythos of the famous apple that hit Sir Isaac Newton leading to his theory of gravity.  

Logo#2-The Apple

The first logo was considered too complex for a logo so, in 1976, Apple began to use the much more famous rainbow colored apple that is still known throughout the world. The apple was colored in to make it more appealing to the eyes as well as showcase the fact that the Apple II could generate colors. This was an incredibly popular logo and lasted until 1998.   The next logo, and the one currently in use, borrowed heavily from the 2nd logo. The pattern, bite mark and size are all the same but the colors were removed leaving a slick, chromatic appearance. This serves to symbolize the technological leap forward and to give the company more of a “high-tech” appeal.

Why the Apple Works

Anyone who knows anything about technology knows about Apple. Their rise from obscurity to greatness has inspired millions and their personal computers are considered some of the best ones on the market. People around the world can recognize their logo in a heartbeat and that kind of brand recognition can’t be bought. The true draw of the Apple design lies in its simplicity. Their logo is nothing but a small, stylized, apple. This logo has remained impressively stable over the years. Where other companies have changed logos several times in the space of only a few short years, Apple has kept its logo nearly identical throughout 40 years of business. For anyone who seeks to make it in the world of business, this is an important lesson. A logo is the face of the company, a first impression as it were. A company that constantly changes its logo is a company that may be floundering to find its place.

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