Dennis Reith story – Reithsters brand

A family that manages the Reithsters vlog on YouTube. “We are Dennis, Melissa, and Nova. We live in Etten Leure with our two cats, RaZeR and Garfield. This vlog is about our life. We upload 2 videos every week.” Follow us: Twitter Customer: Dennis Reith Region: Netherlands Industry: Video blogging Position: Founder ❝ What did […]

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Marie Laimgruber story – Natural Fit brand

Wellness and sports expert, ski instructor, and alpine climbing guide. Sports massage and orthopedic specialist. Founder of and coach at Natural Fit. Lives by the motto “If you don’t spend every day of your life taking care of your health, you’ll end up spending all your time fighting illnesses.” Follow us: Customer: Marie Laimgruber Region: […]

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KwonTack LIM story – Teracon brand

Founder of Teracon, an economic consulting company. Financial consulting expert. Follow us: Linkedin Customer: KwonTack LIM Region: South Korea Industry: Economics, Investment Position: Founder ❝ What design products did you need? We designed a logo and used it to create our business cards. ❞

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David Kaufman story – River Diamond brand

River Diamonds was founded in 1907 by Haim Kaufman, after he had moved from Galizia to Antwerpen. In 1928, Haim’s sons joined the father’s business: Aron in 1914 at only 12 years old, Shmiel in 1923 at 16 years old, and Moisha in 1928 at 16 years old. Then the Kaufmans moved to New York. […]

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Tatiana Kislitsyna story – Who am I? Studio brand

Socialite and beauty expert from Moscow. Founder of “Who Am I?” clothes shop. Follow us: Facebook Customer: Tatiana Kislitsyna Region: Russia Industry: Fashion Position: Founder ❝ What design products did you need? I created a logo for my social media (Facebook, IG) and downloaded a business card. ❞ ❝ What did you like about Logaster? […]

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Petteri Leino story – Antikvariaatti Bookkolo brand

Military officer, currently retired. Now his biggest passion is antique books. Follow us: Facebook Customer: Petteri Leino Region: Finland Industry: Antique books Position: Founder ❝ Do you like the created brand? I will surely buy other logos too. ❞ ❝ What did you like about Logaster? Fantastic site, so many possibilities. I sell old books, […]

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Marcus Boyd story – Yeux brand

At Yeux (French for eyes), our primary focus is to bring awareness to eye care and eye health across the globe. That is why, for every pair of sunglasses sold, Yeux will donate a portion of it’s proceeds to non-profit organizations who assist underprivileged communities, helping families and their children obtain annual eye exams and […]

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Arystan Kerimbekov and Saida Samal story – Saida brand

Husband and wife, founders of Saida, a beauty and massage salon in Astana. Together with a strong team of beauty specialists, they help their clients stay young and beautiful. Follow us: Facebook Customer: Arystan Kerimbekov and Saida Samal Region: Kazakhstan Industry: Beauty Position: Founders ❝ What did you like about Logaster? We’d like to thank […]

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Julieta Lacombe Cecco story – Akash brand

Proactive entrepreneur who is looking for her path in life. Founder of Akash, a club for people interested in wellness, meditation, yoga, and philosophy. Follow us: Facebook Customer: Julieta Lacombe Cecco Region: Mexico Industry: Meditation, Yoga, Philosophy Position: Founder ❝ What design products did you need? In fact i was looking for a free site […]

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How to Calculate Profit Margin?

Contents:1.What is a profit margin?2.Margin vs. markup: What’s the difference?3.How do I calculate a profit margin online?4.How to calculate a profit margin in Excel?Launching their first business (whether it’s a restaurant or repairs shop), most beginning entrepreneurs have a vague idea of the basic financial terms and laws. However boring and difficult, mastering the fundamentals […]

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Printable Calendar: Types and Creation Methods

Contents:1.Types of calendars2.5 free calendar generators online3.How to create a calendar in PowerPoint4.Top 5 IOS/Android apps5.8 ideas to broaden your perspectiveThe reasons why you might need a personal photo calendar are plenty. It can be used as an interior design element, gift or business promotion tool. In this post, we’ll focus on how to design […]

How to Make an Invitation Card for Free

Content1.Design tips2.Top online services3.Pinch of inspiration We bet you’ve done lots of preparation work. You’ve come up with a cool celebration theme, rented a restaurant or café, chose a catering company… The only thing missing is beautiful invites Don’t get fooled by the small size of an invitation card. It’s a crucial part of your […]

How to Create an Acronym for Business?

Table of contents:1.What is an acronym?2.What dangers to consider?3.Top 7 famous acronyms4.5 Best online acronym generators Still, don’t have a company name? Or it is too long? An acronym is thing to get a view of. A word made up from initial letters, like FIAT or Nasa, can make your brand recognizable and memorable. Plus, […]

5 tips on how to create a flyer with selling capabilities

Trying to create a graphic design flyer without any experience is like shooting blindfolded: in both cases, you won’t be able to reach the goal. Even though the role of the Internet is incredibly important these days, a flyer is still one of the most efficient and well-proven tools to deliver the marketing message to […]

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How to design a menu for a restaurant or café?

Contents 1. Designer tips 2. How to create a restaurant: – Menu online generators – Photoshop Video Tutorials Basically, a menu is a list of foods and beverages available at a café, restaurant, bar, pub, etc. Along with the names of dishes, you can also see their price and weights (in grams). Creating the right […]

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