The Amazon Logo

Founded in 1994, Amazon was once nothing but a tiny online bookstore. Today however it is multi-billion dollar company that sells thousands of products all over the world. From sports equipment to DVDs and even streaming movies, Amazon has become a company to be reckoned with. Amazon has grown incredibly powerful and is sure to be a player on the national stage for many years to come. One factor that has helped Amazon in its climb to the top is the uniqueness of their logo. People from across the globe can recognize the Amazon logo on sight and, should they need to buy a present or the latest piece of technology, the image is sure to stick in their mind. Anyone who wants to create a branding empire of their own should pay attention to what Amazon has accomplished with their simple but effective logo.

Logo#1 Early Days

When Amazon first started, it was only an online bookseller. To that end they created a logo that advertised their specialty. Under a translucent “A” were the words “, Earth’s biggest bookstore.” The entire background of this first logo was a pleasing water texture. The water effects made the entire logo into a soothing image, surely meant to attract attention in the crowded market that Amazon was trying to make its mark in.

Logo#2 Books, Music & More

In 1998, Amazon started to expand. A large music selection was added to their collection of books and Amazondecidedto market these new products. To that end that created a logo that advertised exactlywhat they offered. They also simplified the background to a plain white one, with the Amazon letters in gold upon it. This was made so as to be more pleasing to the eye online hopefully reaching a wider audience.

Logo#3 The Arrow

In 2000 Amazon introduced the logo that most people can probably recognize. The logo was just shortened to include the web address against a white background with a yellow arrow underneath. The arrow, which points from A to Z in the Amazon logo, symbolizes how a customer could find everything they needed at Amazon. This logo was meant to be simple and easy to understand, catering to the customers who were interested in 1-stop shopping.

Logo#4 And You’re Done

In 2002 Amazon created its current logo. This logo borrows heavily from the previous logo but adds the words “and you’re done” to the bottom left-hand corner. This served to better illustrate to people that Amazon had a huge selection of merchandise and, no matter what they were looking for, Amazon was most likely to have it.

Why the Logo Works

There can be no doubt that the logo is extremely effective. People from around the world can recognize that it’s an Amazon logo and company can and do spend billions of dollars for that kind of brand recognition. The reason that it probably works so well is because it’s simple but offers consumers exactly what they want. To put it plainly, what they want is place where they can find everything from A to Z.

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