API / White label

Create logos on your website!

We offer:

  • API

    Access to our API which will generate logos.

  • White label

    White label ­ create logos based on our technology, but on your site and under your brand.

  • Widget

    A widget for your site. Special widget for your site, which will allow the customer to get the logo without leaving your site!

How does it work?

Here’re two examples:

  1. For domain registrars

    Domain registrars offer their customers the opportunity to register a domain name and at the same time get a few variants of logo created at LOGASTER.

  2. For website builders

    Website builders, in addition to creating a site, provide customers with ready­made LOGASTER logos.

Of course, many other options are available.
Contact us marketing@logaster.com and we will discuss them together!

API or Affiliate Program? What's the point and what to choose?